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Brand Name: Reusable Tote Bag Size: 38 * 32cm Pattern: Solid Use: Daily Type: Storage Bags Material: Cotton Canvas

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Reduce-Reuse-Recycle Be an advocate of the three Rs of waste management: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The three basic principles of this waste hierarchy help us reduce the amount of waste thrown away. They help conserve natural resources, discharge space and energy. With organic cotton mesh bags, you’re first reducing the amount of plastic (and paper) waste that enters the environment, and then reusing your one-time purchase. And at the end of the life of a bag, it is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Versatile Multi-Purpose Bags Fall in love with tons of amazing uses for these reusable mesh bags: Grocery Bags Bags Shopping Bags Kitchen Storage Pool & Beach Bag Activity & Day Bag Knick-kack Toy & Organizer These bags will They will delight you so much that they will quickly become your choice for almost any occasion. Lightweight and compact Made from lightweight organic cotton fiber, our mesh bags are easy to roll up and keep tucked away, while taking up almost any storage space. Small enough when folded to keep it available in your bag, backpack or vehicle whenever you need it. Large capacity Don’t let its small appearance fool you! These reusable storage bags are designed to stretch and expand, offering ample space to store food, clothing, toys, household essentials, and other items. Cotton is lightweight, but our mesh design is guaranteed strong, durable, and durable over time. GOTS certified organic cotton Made from 100% high quality organic cotton knitted fabric with an ecological and Social responsibility certification of international organic textile standards (GOTS). Feel confident that you are buying something truly environmentally friendly and socially responsible-from organic raw materials, to ethical harvesting, to eco-friendly manufacturing.



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