Bamboo cutlery kit cloth package include bamboo cutlery japan with eco friendly chopsticks


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Wooden portable tableware, wooden deck sets, travel tableware, environmental path with gift cloth package



Material: Environment: wooden
Color: As the picture shown
Weight: 40g
Size: 225 * 10 * 10mm
The cutlery set does not contain cloth bags. If you need a cloth bag, add a cloth bag.

1. This tableware is made of hard and corrosion resistant wood, with long service life and wide use.

2. Made of natural logs with fine grain and light weight, the table can enjoy a unique fragrance.

3. Pure manual polishing and environmental protection technology make your life unique.

4. Smooth lines and elegant shape of the spoon body, with the wrap line design at the end, it can prevent slipping and decorate the product. Cotton cloth bag, dustproof, color choice, add a beautiful coat to your chopsticks.

About maintenance –

New or unused long wood is in a dream state, to be washed with warm water, soft cloth after it is turned on for use. Wood product use precautions
1. The microwave oven is not allowed, and it is not allowed to place it near high temperatures or in the heating oven;
2. Do not disinfect the disinfecting cabinet, but disinfect the ozone layer over the layer in the disinfecting cabinet;
3. Do not burn or boil. Wood after-sales service is a natural raw material. There will be different colors and patterns. In the growing past, there will be knots and scars.
Wooden tableware is a kind of semi-manual and semi-machine product. Each product will have a little difference or error.
It cannot be exactly the same, they are a normal phenomenon. Colors may vary slightly depending on light angle or screen. Please consider carefully



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