Eco friendly safety razor HAWARD, Rose Gold Men’s Double Edge Manual Classic 10 Blades


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Enjoy your closest shave, but with our awesome no-waste razor. Modern, stylish and durable with a firm focus on reducing our collective environmental footprint, you can enjoy the smoothest, most irritation-free shave of your life while wearing the most attractive safety razor on the market. Each razor includes a pack of 10 replacement razor blades that lasts around 70 razor blades (5-7 blades per blade).



-1x reusable safety razor

-10 replacement razor blades

Designed to offer practicality and durability, this blade will help you remove plastic from your life and our planet.

What Security Razors From?

Our razors are made of a brass alloy (Composed of Brass and Zinc) We choose this material for its durability and corrosion resistance. Take proper care, they will last a lifetime!

The color of the razor comes from electroplating, which means it is not a painted color, therefore it will not wear out over time or the chip.

Why switch to Razors Security?

Every year we launch more than 2 billion razor heads. What further exacerbates this statistic is that modern shaving cartridges are made of so much rubber and plastic that they simply cannot be recycled. So while you enjoy the smoothest, most irritation-free shave of your life, feel easy knowing that you are not working on this Statistics.

How Safety Razors Helps Prevent Ingrown Hairs?

Modern multi-blade razors because ingrown hairs by pulling at your hair before cutting the hair follicle into level skin. As hair grows, many of the hair follicles become ingrown. This is not the case for sure razors that gently glide smoothly over your skin and cut hair from the follicles at the level skin ensuring the most shave of your life

Safety razor vs. Modern razor cost comparison

The cost of our safety razors is really a reflection of their quality. The genius of modern shaving companies is that they make a loss on the shaver handle and make a great profit on replacement blades. So while modern razors blades seem cheap by comparison over time end up costing a long time Compared to modern multi-blade cartridge heads that cost around $ 3 per head, our safety razor uses traditional double-sided razors that only They cost around 20 cents, about 15 times cheaper than the modern equivalent. What is more to love!


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