Reusable sanitary pads instructions by VEJYO of how to wash and use, S M L size organic cotton


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1. 100% bamboo cotton is all that touches your delicate skin (soft bamboo cotton against your skin)
2. Natural, breathable and antibacterial deodorant
3. Easy to use, just hold the underwear
4 machine washable
5. Highly absorbent and the exterior is lined with a waterproof Pul to prevent leakage

Number of menstrual pads needed
For a cycle, we recommend between 10-20 small / medium pads and 6-15 large pads, depending on the depth of your flow and how long your periods normally last.



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1. Why choose a washable cloth menstrual pad?

A. Eco-friendly: washable and reusable
B. Economical: can be used for 3-5 years
C. healthy: simply organic, does not contain bleach
D. Soft: thanks to the comfortable Bamboo
E. Safe: its inner layer is leak proof
F. Easy to clean: rinse with cold water, manchine wash and simply dry

2. Instructions for use:
Wash your cloth pads before first use. Adjustable pads around your underwear. Change the pad every 2-6 hours or as needed. When you’re away from home, put the used pads in a mini bag until you get home. Then wash for care instructions. Avoid washing the pads in public facilities. The pads are designed for personal use only, and should not be shared with others.

3. washing instructions? Contact us for more details on washing

There are several ways you can clean your cloth pads. This is the form that we personally recommend, as it is quite resistant to stains:

(1) Fold the pad in half length, and then snap it to keep the pad closed, then put it into a bucket or a wet bag. Repeat this process until the end of your cycle, until you run out of pads or until you have filled the wet bag / bucket.

(2). Then go back and open all the pads and put / move them back in the bucket. Fill the bucket with cold or hot water (Do not use hot water as it can establish stains) Then add a spoon of antioxidant (a natural brand would be best) or stain remover and let the pads soak overnight . You can put a tea towel over the bucket or partially put a lid on it if you don’t want to see inside, however it doesn’t completely cover the lid as this limits the oxygen supply and may produce a musky odor later .

(3) Next, tip the water down the toilet and throw the pads into your washing machine. You can use a water softener but not use a fabric softener, as this can reduce the absorption of the pads. We usually wash our pads on a “super rinse” cycle, but a quick wash will do just fine, then we leave the pads air-dried, which usually takes a few hours.


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