Reusable sanitary pads london 7 units/set reusable menstrual pads long size medium size short size


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7pcs / set Reusable Sanitary Pad Charcoal Bamboo Fabric Menstrual Washable Sanitary Pad Panty Menstrual Period Pad


S (length-8.2 inch X width (without wings) 2.3 inch);

M (length-10 inch X width (without wings) 2.55 inch);

L (length-11.8 inch X width (without wings) 3.14 inch)

Bag size (length-7 inch X width-5.5 inch)

Package: 6 pcs. Pads + 1 mini wet bag random color

Exterior: waterproof material pul

Medium: 2-layer microfiber

Interior: Bamboo charcoal

Why the cloth menstrual pad:

-Less contact with harmful chemicals.
-Save money and the environment.
– Cloth menstrual pads are less likely to cause rashes and contact dermatitis.
-Women with sensitive skin and allergies may prefer cloth pads.

How to use:

-Pressure pad around underwear with black “bamboo charcoal” / white “bamboo fiber” side facing up.
-Change the pad when necessary (usually around 4-6 hours) depending on your flow and your personal choice. However, you will quickly discover the best time frame for changes.

-Pads are for personal use only and should not be shared with others.

How to wash:

-Wash your new pad once or twice before using it.

-After using cold water rinse pads to avoid staining. Then put it in a wet bag. The pads do not need soaking.

-Cloth menstrual pad is machine washable and dry, the water temperature is less than 40 ℃.

-Dry in the dryer or hang in the sun to dry.

-Avoid washing the pads in public facilities


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L(length 300mm), M(length 250mm), S(length 200mm)

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